About us


The company was established more than three decades ago, Mainly by the vision & zeal of our founder chairman & managing director Late Mr.M.M.Farooq way back in 1978. Under his leasership our company has grown to leap & bounds by estgablishing branches in national & international centres. We owe our success & will always cherish his vision & bold business decisions.

Our Foundation
Over Three Decade of Service Since 1947

Promoted by our parent venture Mandi Ahmed Basha & Sons, AIROGO inherits a cumulative expertise and a track record of over three decades providing comprehensive transport & cargo forwarding services including ocean freight, airfreight, land transport and logistics management, with focus on import export consolidation. Airogo well entrenched operational presence and export of goods to world over. Our Bangalore branch caters to customers in the field of Electronic, Engineering components, Textiles and Leather products.

With our global network of agencies in all most all parts of the world, we offer seamless service with comprehensive coverage and consistent quality. Our customized IT systems are constantly upgraded to allow increased efficiency, effective co-ordination and personalized service to our partners and valuable overseas customers.

A New Horizon

In keeping with its recent selfe intiated restructuring of its corporate philosophy and business goals. Airogo has set its vision:
To consistently be one among the most perferred logistics service providers in the region.

A New Mandate

The neo-globalisation, liberalization and privatization within and off shores has ushered in a new quest for competitiveness in the field of cargo forwarding services, be it in real-time service delivery by supplier or the value for every penny paid to us, It is in this context we at "Airogo" have benchmark ourselves with a clear mandate and mission:

To provide quality services at international standrad each time, every time.

We are committed to fulfilling the above bjective for our customers and overseas partners by our ongoing internal audit of service delivery system & response time, periodic capacity building of human capital and upgrading of our information technology system.